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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Old Spice Reintroduces the Man's Man.

Old Spice. The scent is familiar and wraps your mind… you think… Grandpa? Well, not anymore.

The brand is iconic when American gentlemen think about male grooming products. When faced with new competitors and the rise of social media, the Proctor and Gamble brand has adapted and grown to successfully challenge the new guys, particularly AXE and the multitude of ‘metro’ man grooming products. Old Spice assessed their primary audience’s online activities and met them on their grounds.

Using a website, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to manage their online presence has brought the “Old” Spice back into significance. Branding a new line of products that will “make you smell like a man, man” paired with hilarious marketing and advertising has rejuvenated the Old Spice brand and introduced a new female fan base.
Their Twitter account is just one of the many tactics Old Spice has used to further their branding strategy and engage with their audiences. The account is updated daily and creates a true dialogue with other tweeters through replies, video links, funny quips and other nonsensical man things that you can’t help but laugh at. Their fan base is rising and in regards to other major competitors, Old Spice has a leg up as they have more Twitter followers than AXE. Old Spice has successfully extended their market reach through this medium.

Old Spice has created a relaxed and entertaining branding campaign, reiterated through all mediums and producing consistent content that unifies their social media presence into something really… mountain fresh. An opportunity Old Spice could capitalize on could be to extend their tweet content to include what their competitors at AXE have done including: contests, giveaways, events and news.

Old Spice may not have reinvented the wheel, but they have adapted to the ideals of PR 2.0 and done it so very, very well.

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  1. Good call Jaymes. And good campaign selection. The commercial is a riot and it seems the other tactics, used by Old Spice, are just as creative. I like this post.